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About Us

Do you remember when was the last time you spoke to your friends or family without the distraction of your mobile phone? Remember the chat you had with them? Talking with your loved ones and sharing your feelings & experiences can relieve you from stress and give tranquillity. After all Sharing is Caring.

“Life of me and you” is all about sharing those happy times when we chit-chat with our friends,family, colleagues, and  things that we never discussed with anyone. It is a platform where you can express all your feelings or life experiences and in return get to read the life experiences of your peers. Here you can vent your anger, share your happiness, make confession, let know your success story, talk about the  upcoming technology, help with health tips, unveil your unique lovestory, tell a joke and share many more things.

Come, be part of life of me and you. Let us have a Happy Chat..!!