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M Madhu

164 days ago


heart feelings

Golden opportunity if you have Black Money beyond conversion!


Indian Government has demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and I am sure there are so many people with millions of these notes. They may be able to convert some to valid denominations and may fail to convert much more.


Some club ( Rotary or something) seems to have sent an SMS to people asking to use the money for charity to help patients in hospitals. Currently only Govt Hospitals are allowed to accept the Rs 1000 & Rs 500 currency notes till 11 Nov. May be the date can be extended.


Some one may provide a system where one may see the list of poor patients and the amount required. Person with black money may go to the hospital and deposit the amount ( Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes) against those patients who want help. This is better than wasting the currency notes as you are unable to exchange! Atleast some one gets benefitted.


One must ensure that the amount is paid for treatment of a patient and not a bulk amount !


Alternatively Government may keep some silos ( like Hundi) in certain places where one can just dump the old notes, which are used by government for some good work later, instead of people burning and wasting the unused notes !!!


May be let people deposit in Swach Bharat or PM fund or Army fund etc and no need of giving ID proof !


Can an Ex-Security Guard incharge be your Business Development /Productivity Executive?


I have come across a person who was incharge of a security agency in a company and claims he knows every one under sun as he has contacts with wide network of Security agencies.


He claims he knows the security incharges and can put you across to the decision makers of a company and you can get business. And there are people who seem to believe him thinking that his network may help as their own network never gave business. And he is hired and given many responsibilities and free hand.


I am not talking about the people who were ex-security agency staff becoming entrepreneurs themselves. Or helping people in similar lines of security and security devices. They can certainly help. I am talking about business irrelevant to them, where they have no clue how the company solutions work. Say, if this person was incharge of security in a Software company and can he get business from Government agencies as he knows security heads in Government agencies.


Lets see if this security guard incharge can help you!


Contacts: Yes. All the security agency heads may have contacts with top management in a company. If you are a CEO or finance head, will you let your security incharge come to you and request to give business to his friend?


Information : All Security heads will have all details of people and particularly Top management. Is it ethical for these people to share information with their network and claim to get business through them ?


Duty : The security department work is to handle physical security and not think about connecting people in the organisation with outsiders, even if it is a friend.


Contributing to Productivity : Without thorough knowledge of process, people and vendors , can one contribute to productivity ? If you have a vendor wo is with you for 10 years and provides good service and slightly more cost, replacing this vendor with unknown (or known friend ) citing the costs is recommended?


Body Language and conduct : Does your new man has the necessary polish, style and humility and can be a team player? Or treats all as dirty dogs? If he has a lose tongue, be sure that you lose motivation of current team inside, forget about new business from outside.


Even if your new find ( ex security guard cum Business dev guy) can bring in contacts, will it help you in business? All they can do at max is to connect two dots, nothing more. And I am not sure the decision maker can get influenced and give you business.


Did any ex-security guard incharge ever got you business? You may prove me wrong !


PS: I have high regard for the professional security incharges. I am talking about those guys who claim to have contacts due to their nature of business and boast of their contacts !






How to impress Boss in a new Job ?


You move to a new job. New people around you. New environment. What you have done in the past in previous company are null and void ! You need to start fresh in making people realise that you are good.


This articles written in a lighter vein and for fun. Please do not take it seriously! If you do, you may be taking risk and you are solely responsible for all that follows !


First target to impress is your Boss ! Anyway some old guards may not think that you deliver and it takes time to impress people who are already working for long there. So go for Boss.


Low hanging fruits


Check for pain points in the company, even if it is not your work. There will be many around which are not critical and/or others thought it is not worth looking into. This is where you can quickly impress the boss! If there is a monetary benefit of few $$, it is good. Else you may call it productivity/process improvement ! There will be atleast 100 low hanging fruits. Pluck some 5-6 and I guarantee that boss will be thrilled to get a new efficient employee who is doing wonders in the first month.


Project yourself


Keep talking what you did! As you are yet to start showing results, keep talking what you did in past ! Some gullible people may become your admirers and they do the required projection for you. But, you have to be good in this game. Some smart guys can catch you! :-)


Dropping Names


If you are in to marketing , sales etc it helps to drop names. Tell people that you know every person whose name has appeared in media/newspaper atleast once ( even page 3 is fine). If you really know a top guy somewhere ( either directly or through a friend or a friend of friend of friend , connect the boss or some other one and you get out of the scene. Let them discuss what you want ! At least you can claim you did what you can! Be careful in connecting dots. If the boss had bad experience and realises that you could only scratch the surface and nothing more, he will not trust you any more.


Become a ‘Chamcha’( I don’t know what is the exact word in English ! Sorry)


You find who are important in the organisation. Find what they like or do not like. Talk to them regularly. Become friends and spend as much time as possible. Praise them . Praise their work. Make them feel special. Find if they need any personal help. Do it. They will feel it obligatory to help you and see that you get some recognition or atleast they will not be in your path to ‘success’


Disclaimer :



               This is a work of fiction. Characters, working styles and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 

               If you want to use any of these techniques, please feel free and can use with out any requirement of copy right permission. But, you and only you are responsible for any back fire . I am not responsible :-)



I am not an authority either on Automobile Engineering or Connected car technology. I just love cars. I am just thinking how I would like a car with the special features!


Today a common man’s low end car is a connected car with Google maps. It is the best way to reach any destination and we stopped rolling down windows to ask people on the roadside for directions.


There are high end cars with onboard computers which give us lot of information whether it is low tyre pressure or service due .


Connected car is much more beyond. The sensors all over the car can give tons of information. One need to compile in real time and take appropriate action.


What I wish in a connected car!


For the Driver


When I am driving, I may be worried about tyres. Any sudden inflation of a tyre causes so much of tension and we need to spend atleast 30 min to 1 hour to get it attended. My Audi does give some indication of the tyre pressure in a specific tyre and I can still drive for some time to reach the destination and take care of the same. But, it would help me a lot if the set pressure is 32 PSI and it has come down to a lower level of 27 PSI and the car shall have a system to check time taken for the loss of 5 PSI and how long I can drive more instead of panicking. And at a certain level of air pressure ( say 15 PSI ?) , the car shall not start unless the tyre is replaced or attended to !Or let the driver over ride this feature and drive on, but still capture the data online. This is easy to implement as there are sensors already in place. The data may be pushed to a cloud server. And may give me messages on my mobile.


Audi has introduced a system where the car can talk to traffic signals and let the owner know when the signals are turning red or green. This helps a lot .


Porsche even introduced a system where it can read my car number and identify me and play a specific message for me on a display board on the high way.


Today, there may be an onboard computer in the car. But, only the service guys need to connect the laptop physically to the car to run diagnostics. They need to have a facility to connect my car directly through wifi / GSM etc. If I have some problem, they shall be able to connect to the computer and let me know what is to be done.


I love to have a Video chat with customer care. You bought a new car and you may not know which lever has to be pulled to open the bonnet/trunk. You may not know which buttons to be pressed to see some information. May be one person can practically show you what to do?


May be the car identifies my finger print and opens the lock? As I sit and hold the steering wheel, the seat adjustments and my preferences of music etc may happen automatically.


Infotainment is good feature to have. And it is easy to build as many music systems are already integrated with the car. We already have system where the music system volume is automatically reduced when I am reversing the car. May be more of speech recognition features will help as I don't need to press some levers/buttons/keys to communicate.


When I park in some mall, I may forget where I parked my car. I shall be able to ping my car and the car sends its own location to me on my mobile, so that I can reach my car without a problem. 


Lot more features are desired. I can add more if more people read this article :-)


For Manufacturers/Dealers


All data of my car shall be available on cloud. If I fail to notice loss of engine oil or running on inflated tyres or engine heat is beyond permissible limits , the dealer may get the info live and intervene the owner to take care.


Today dealers track my service due date only by date. If they have access to data of my car, they can intervene early and provide necessary service. 


For Authorities


if an automobile hits some thing and the impact may have been recorded in the onboard control unit and inform the dealer that there has been some accident. This may help authorities in case of accidents.


There shall be some way for authorities to know who was actually at the wheel of a car at any point of time !


Lot and lot can be done ….I am sure it is exciting to work on these.




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